Q1: I know a report exists and can be found on a specific page, but a user can't see the report.  How can I ensure this user can see and launch this report?
Rights to view and launch a specific report are inherited by a user when they are assigned a specific security role.  The user in question needs to be added to a security role that has the desired report listed in the Reports Permitted sub page .

Q2: I need to make sure that absolutely no one can use a report that has confidential data.  How can I get a list of users that are able to see an launch a specific report?
From the Users page you can run the report titled User Permissions: Reports & Tools.

Q3: I renewed the SSL Cert on the MP Web server, but now when we run a report we get the "untrusted" message. How do I fix that?
When you renew your SSL, you have to bind it to SSRS. This is done in the SSRS Configuration Manager. Make sure, on the Web Service URL page, the SSL certificate (in the Report Server Web Service Site Identification section) is bound to the MP Web Server. This is why users could get a certificate error whenever launching reports.

Q4: I found an existing report I like, but it isn't on the page where I would like to use it.  What do I do?
Some reports can be deployed to any page.  If a report has the word Selected in the title it may be hard coded to specific page(s).  You may be unsure if the report you wish to use can be deployed to the page where you want to use it. Contact your SPoC for clarification. Refer to this article for specific information about deploying a report to another page.

Q5: I would like to have a report delivered to someone automatically via email.  What do I do?
Refer to the KB article about Subscribing to Reports.

Q6: I have set all the filters on a report, but no results display when I click on View Report?  How do I fix that?
It cannot be guaranteed that html will work in a field unless html is expected in the field. You will know if html is expected if that field has a WYSIWYG editor that creates the HTML.  If you put html in a field and any application or report doesn't like that, then you should remove the html formatting.

Q7: I am having trouble printing a label report from a PDF file.  What do I do?
When you are printing from a PDF, try deselecting the "Fit to page" print option if you have previously left it checked making sure the "Actual Size" is selected in the print settings from Adobe Acrobat.

Q8: If a user does not have the rights to view donation information, will this data be blocked when they run the Selected Contact Dashboard report?
The report will block giving information if the user running the report does not have the needed rights.

Q9: If I'm running a report on all records, should I choose the selected or "non-selection" version of the report if I have the option for both?
The "non-selection" version of the Report is optimized for all records rather than a selection, so it is more efficient. The "selected" version of any report is always going to be less efficient because the server has to match every record twice -- once for the report criteria, and once to check if it is in the selection. So if you are running a report for all records and have a choice between reports, choose the "non-selection" version.

Q10: Which label size is the optimal one for the Selected Labels report?
The report is optimized for Avery 5160 (3 columns x 10 labels) which are 1" x 2-5/8"

Q11: Can we change the MinistryPlatform logo which appears on reports to our own logo?
Yes, there is a way to have the standard MinistryPlatform report logo changed to your church logo.  However, all standard reports would stay as is, so any new enhancements and updates wouldn't override the reports with your logo. This would be a Professional Service Request to have the logo changed.  Please your SPoC for more information.

Q12: When User A tries to download a report, they are prompted to save it before it'll download. But when User B tries to download a report, they aren't prompted to save it first - it just downloads right away. What's going on here?
This is a function of the browser, and different browsers handle the download process differently (even if both users are using the same browser, the download process may be different based on the internal settings a user has set on their browser).

Q13: How can I print a report generated in MP?
Printing capabilities vary based on the browser you're using. What will work in any browser is clicking the Save button, download it in one of the formats listed (e.g., PDF, Word), and then printing from there.

Q14: I added a note to a donation record; however, when I run the Selected Program Donations report, I do not see the note in the Notes column.  Why is this?
On the Selected Program Donations report, the Notes column is not related to the Notes field on the Donor, Donation or Distribution records. The Notes column is to indicate special circumstances for each donation (like not tax deductible, applied to a pledge, etc.). Reports that pull the Donation Notes field are: Selected Batch Notes and Selected Batch Simple Item List.  Custom views could be created to show and/or filter on the Notes field on the Donor, Donation or Distribution records, if needed.

Q13: Can I change the margins on a report?
Report margins cannot be changed as part of running the report (report parameters). However, depending on your printer, you can make small adjustments to scale, fit, and/or margins in your printer's print dialogue.

Q14: Why don't some reports work well in Chrome, but work fine in other web browsers?
Chrome doesn't handle some reports due to the need for .NET coding on the server and workstation. It's recommended that you just use Edge, Firefox or Safari to run the reports that give you trouble in Chrome.

Q15: Can I change the default settings of report parameters?
Any report which has a parameter can be given a default for that parameter. A server administrator can log into the SSRS Administrator panel and change the defaults for any report and save them and it will be global for that report no matter who runs it. Alternatively, our Professional Services team can change report parameter defaults for you. These default values are persisted on the server and independent of the Report definition (rdl), so future deployments of the Report don't overwrite them.

Q16: My report contains images. When I saved to PDF the images are blurry. How can I address this?
Images in general, including reports, do best and are clearest when the image type is BMP. If possible, reattach your image(s) to the record(s) as a BMP file. (Also note that reports don't support TIFF images.)

Q17: We have 2 groups using the same form.  A member of both groups filled out the form, once as a member of Group 1 and the second time as a member of Group 2.  When I ran the Form Responses Report, the group shown for both responses is Group 1.  
When the same person submits two responses to the same Form, the report will use the Group from the earlier/first Form Response.

Q18: Can I control which Reports a User has access to?
Yes. See Security with Tools and Reports

Q19: I want a custom Report. How do I go about that?

Q20: What reports honor the Alternate Mailing Address if set in the Household record?
The following reports accommodate the seasonal Alternate Mailing Address if set in the Household record:

  • Donor Statement (all standard)
  • Envelope File
  • Selected Labels
  • Selected Labels 1 per family
  • Selected Directory
  • Selected Mail Merge
  • Selected Mail Merge 1 per family
  • Selected Photo Report
  • Selected Contact Letter
  • Selected Mail Merge: Family Detail
  • Selected Contact Badge
  • Selected Call List
  • Selected Contact Demographics
  • Selected Nametags: Avery 5395