Deploying to a Page


There may be situations where you would like to deploy a report to one or several pages.

Adding a report to a page

  1. Log in to MinistryPlatform as your setup user
  2. Go to System Setup > Reports. 
  3. Locate the report you wish to display on additional pages.
  4. On the Pages sub-page, add pages as desired.


  • Adding a report to a page does not change the permissions of who can access the report. This should still be done under your security role settings.
  • Contact Support before deploying any report with the word Selected in the title to another page. Reports with this word in their title are hard coded to work on specific pages.

Report Record

Do not make edits to the Report record itself unless you are skilled at SSRS reports and how they are set up in MinistryPlatform. Contact Support if you have questions or think you need to make a change.