The next generation of MinistryPlatform is headed your way in Summer 2021! But that's not all! New and completely revamped Knowledge Base articles will be here to guide you along the way. Be on the look out for newly organized MinistryPlatform articles and all the things you need to know to leverage the next generation of the Platform so you can do YOUR church YOUR way.

MinistryPlatform is a browser-based application that allows you to manage people, events, groups, donations and many other mission critical information categories. This core application is designed to provide the data management tools necessary for data entry, reporting and data extraction, while also providing the flexibility to extend MinistryPlatform to track additional information.

Video Topics: Software Basics - Part 1

0:08 - MP Overview
0:33 - Navigation
2:38 - Working with data
4:19 - Working with records
5:28 - Subpages and Panels
8:01 - Tasks
8:29 - Layouts

Video Topics: Software Basics - Part 2

0:20 - Searching techniques
3:39 - Page views
4:34 - Advanced Search